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Journal of the Synchronous Society, Hammond Clock Collectors, International, no longer in publication.

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Reprints of the two initial newsletters contain information of interest to collectors and restorers of Hammond Synchronous and Bichronous electric clocks produced in the USA in the period between 1929 and 1941. 

$10.00, $15 overseas, for two back issues of Spin to Start.

Spin to Start, 167 Carriage Drive, Glastonbury, CT  06033

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Hammond Wall HAMMOND WALL...Patented rear-illuminated 16" clock for Hammond dealers.


EMPRESS...a blue mirror background, suspended silhouette brass face & hands, bevel glass front in chrome case. Rare.

Hammond Junior

HAMMOND JUNIOR...a smaller clock with all bakelite construction. Given away as premiums, quite common. Sherwood SHERWOOD...A fine colonial mantel clock, antique bronze feet, solid mahogany case, redwood burl facing, 5" dial, bichronous movement.
Gregory GREGORY...Art deco step-sided case in brown or black bakelite, gold or silver sun-ray dial, gold or green second-hand and minutes marks.  This entire clock was patented. Fairly rare in the black-silver combination. Very comon in the brown-gold combination. Avondale AVONDALE...Carriage clock in walnut bakelite with gold face and finial, a round dial calendar clock having the bichronous movement which ran for up to 30 minutes during  a power interruption.
Polo POLO...Chrome alarm clock with black feature stripe, slightly rounded hands and Arabic numerals. The most common of the chrome clocks.


REGENT...In white or black onyx, exposed hands, thus the stylized second "hand" wheel.
Granville GRANVILLE...Alarm clock mounted in a rounded edge flat plastic slab.

Whitehall Hammond Marble

WHITEHALL HAMMOND...A wide variety of onyx clocks were made by Whitehall Specialties.
Alarm Clock PILOT...Model 324 Electric Alarm Clock Onyx Desk Clock ONYX DESK...Another of many Whitehall styles.
Chronmaster CHRONMASTER...Simple wood clock with finial sold by Chronmaster Electric Co., very common. Green Marble HAMMOND ONYX...This model has Hammond Syncronous on the face.  Most of the Marble/Onyx clocks were marked Whitehall Hammond


RAVENSWOOD...Early gothic style bakelite clock also available with alarm. Very common. Gothic, Model "B" GOTHIC,Model "B"...Wood mantel clock in gothic shape, engraved face, flat glass. Not to be confused with the very common and smaller bakelite RAVENSWOOD model.

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