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Combination Action

The Z-tronics Relay is a stand-alone system designed to operate efficiently as an organ relay. As a result, it is not in the nature of the system to also operate stop controls as a combination action. A separate combination action best serves the needs of the organ builder and separate dedicated systems prove to be the most reliable solution. Most stand-alone combination action systems can be disabled in an emergency without disrupting the playability of the organ.

Allen Miller Associates developed System 2000, a simple, programmable combination action, which includes all of the usual features, plus a RANGE button accessible to the organist for programming the function of any piston. All System 2000 combination actions are based upon the Z-tronics multiplex system providing simplicity and reliability, and above all, ease of troubleshooting.

In the year 2000, Z-tronics introduced UNDO for the pipe organ.  Never lose a combination again.

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