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MIDI Interface

The Z-tronics system is a stand-alone system and does not in itself incorporate MIDI signals for output to external MIDI devices such as Synthesizers and Sequencers for generating external electronic sounds or for Recording and Playing actual performances. The Z-MIDI interface was developed to interface at the data level and may be easily added to any Z-tronics system, old or new. Connection requires the two timing signals plus one wire in and out per manual.

There are two models available. Z-MIDI-1 provides one MIDI channel in and out, and is useful for adding a dedicated MIDI sound module for one voice such as a Piano. Z-MIDI directly supports the PianoDisk (c) in a real acoustic piano, or any MIDI Sound Module generated voice.

The Z-MIDI-1 also supports stand-alone uses such as adding a pipe organ chest to ANY keyboard instrument having a MIDI Out. A special version of the Z-MIDI-1 may be installed to operate real Chimes or Carillon, automatically ringing the hour and playing MIDI files (such as Hymns) at programmed times of the day.

Z-MIDI-16 is a full 16 channel OUT, 12 to 16 channel IN module which supports BOTH a Sequencer for Record/Playback AND a separate Sound Module. MIDI Sound Modules may be unified or coupled, or not, as desired. While a factory configuration supports Record/Playback for up to 8 manuals (including pedal and second touch) and Sound Module support for up to four manuals, these defaults may be customized for special installations. An optional Human Interface keypad and display enables preset voices to be selected, and other operating parameters changed. MIDI presets may be operated from the combination action.

The Z-MIDI Interface does not process signals normally used to play the organ, and thus does not affect the reliability of the system.

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