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The Z-tronics system incorporates a minimum of connectors. Most long-term failures in solid-state systems can be traced to sockets and connectors. Thus, Z-tronics boards are hard-wired together, while integrated circuits are installed in sockets. Repairs are thus reduced to being at the chip level, rather than the replacement of entire boards.

The IC sockets used in the system incorporate a much higher double point contact pressure level than other sockets, thus increasing their reliability. These sockets also may be repaired or easily removed from a circuit board without damaging the board.

All signals within the Z-tronics system are at audio frequencies not subject to radio frequency interference coming under the scrutiny of the FCC, unlike computer-based systems. The Z-tronics low frequency signals do not tax the operation of common logic integrated circuits which were designed to operate at much greater speeds. Signals between the console and organ chamber are transmitted over common telephone cables or standard pipe organ cables without degrading the multiplex signals.

The Z-tronics console cable requires two wires per rank, plus a few additional wires for ground and control functions. Crucial timing signals are transmitted redundantly so that a simple cable break of one wire cannot disable the entire organ. This is an important feature when the console is movable, either on a dolly or installed on an elevating lift.

The specification is accomplished by hard-wiring the modules together, and each "stop" is represented by merely ONE wire. The specification is "fixed" by the builder, but modifications or additions can be made by simply changing a single wire per stop if later changes are required. Making specification changes requires only a few minutes with a soldering iron, but avoids the tendency for tinkerers to change a sensible stoplist

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