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Special Features

Special features like Melody Octave Couplers, Pedal Bass to Manual (Continuo) Couplers, Sostenuto, Master Swells, Transposer, Pizzicato, Mixture breaks, Pedal Harmonics, Harmonics couplers, cutouts, floating or non-coupling ranks or divisions, and similar effects are limited only by the imagination.

Electronic Pedal Extensions

Where it may be necessary to extend ranks due to space or monetary constraints, electronic pedal extensions may be wired to Z-tronics multiplex relay systems. Positive output drivers are available for adding electronic extensions such as those by Walker Technologies.

Magic Tuner

A hand-held device is available for the Z-tronics system which enables the technician to remotely play individual notes of two different ranks or the same rank to be played at unison and octave pitches for the purpose of tuning, trouble-shooting or tonal finishing. The Magic Tuner can be operated from within the chamber or in an ideal listening point in the auditorium.

Additionally, the Magic Tuner may be placed into a self-test mode which sequentially operates each chest action. A few hours of self-test is equivalent to months of actual playing and is valuable for initial adjustment, run-in of electric actions, and blowing dirt out of chest borings. This feature alone can eliminate expensive call-backs for servicing of "infant" ciphers and other chest problems. The resulting elimination of "settling-in" troubles can not be overstated as an important means of instilling a high reliability confidence level in your customers.

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