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Z-tronics Works --- You Play


Z-tronics = Multiplex Relays

Logical Simplicity = Reliability = Cost Effective

In these days of high-tech computer based electronic control systems for pipe organs, Z-tronics remains the system of choice for many pipe organ builders.

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A product of Allen Miller Associates
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redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Logical Simplicity

Simple modular construction, buy only what you need
Full documentation, complete schematics and service information
No mystical "black boxes," easily repairable on site
Understandable, troubleshooting can be done with an earphone

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Reliability

Over 22 years of performance
Circuitry and construction which stands the test of time
Common components based upon standard logic IC families
Soldered connections, no troublesome connectors between boards
Low frequency operation, no radio frequency emissions
Redundant signals, failure of one component does not shut down entire organ
Standard cable, telephone or organ type wire

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Cost Effective

Builder assembled, you provide basic woodworking and simple wiring
Straight-line wiring, simple standardized inputs and outputs
Pluggable outputs on driver boards, wire a chest in 30 minutes
Modular, buy only what you need, add other features later

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) MIDI

Single or 16 channel input and output available
Connects to any Z-tronics relay, new or old
Simultaneous independent use of sound module and sequencer

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Performance Record-Playback

Through MIDI sequencer, full editing and publishing possibilities

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Combination Action

Stand-alone, doesn't detract from relay efficiency
Fully programmable by the organist for divisionals or generals
Multiple memories
Easy to order, install and expand

redbtn.GIF (1174 bytes) Special Features

Special effects and organist-friendly gadgets
Electronic pedal extensions
Magic Tuner, remote hand-held key-holding device for tuning

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